Style:  Silver & Blue Dragonfly
Quantity:  BUY 1


The Dragonfly represents freedom and enlightenment. It also symbolizes transformation, change, adaptability and self-realization.

Your Aura Kyanite Dragonfly will arrive to you charged, blessed and infused with reiki healing energy so you can benefit the most.

Kyanite is a powerful meditation stone and can help with astral travel, past-life recall, and reaching higher planes.Kyanite is a popular crystal among energy healers.

This stone helps with voice recognition, expression/self-expression, and contact with spirit guides. It can help you understand why there are gaps in your life purpose or missing pieces of the life puzzle, also can help you release pent-up emotions that you may have been repressing for a very long time.

Kyanite is also said to help you manifest new opportunities, ideas, and possibilities through action.

Chakra: Throat Chakra

Blue Kyanite will help to clear the throat chakra and it has a calming effect. 

Place Kyanite on the top of your head and visualize all your chakras aligning one at a time. Alternatively, you can also place they Kyanite at each chakra as you visualize.

Materials: aura kyanite, kyanite
Weight: 70-90 grams
Length: Approximately Between 5 inches-6.5 inches
Please note that crystals and stones are naturally formed, therefore no stones/crystals are the same and they may have beautiful imperfections which make them unique.