Stress Buster Punching Bag

Color:  Bear
Specification:  Stress Buster Punching+Inflator


Immerse yourself in a meditative flow, where the world fades away, and it's just you and your Rage-Bag. Discover your unique rhythm and sync your mind and body with the smooth, soothing cadence of each strike


Bullet Points:

Suitable for Reducing Pressure: This punching bag is functional to reduce stress. When you feel depressed, you can use it to let off your bad emotions, and at the same time, it can also relieve the fatigue of long hours of work.

 Practical Design: This desktop punch bag has a suction cup, whose suction power can reach 70, so you can easily connect it to various surfaces such as wood, glass, tile, or marble, providing you with a perfect pressure release experience.

Excellent Material: Crafted from high nubuck PU leather, our punching bag holder is high-density and durable. The top is sewn by hand with good air tightness to prevent air leakage during use.

Functional Alloy Spring: This punch bag has durable springs, which will bounce every time you hit the boxing ball. You can keep using them until you calm down, great for adults and kids.

Wide Applications: With a wide range of applications, our stress-relieving tabletop sandbag is perfect for use at the home, office, school, and more, helping you reduce different pressures.

Description & Features:

This stress buster desktop punch bag is perfect for you to use, which will help you reduce different pressures and relieve the fatigue of long hours of work.

1. Crafted from high nubuck PU leather, extremely high density and durable.

2. Designed with durable springs, it will bounce every time you hit the boxing ball.

3. With a suction cup of 70KG suction power, can be attached to wood, glass, tile, or marble.


Material: PU; Stainless Steel; PU Foam


Height: About 40cm/15.71inches

Base Diameter: About 17.7cm/6.96inches